Silly hack: Thesis Grenade – A PhD Gift

In 2014 I had the pleasure of helping out Janne Mäntyharju in making of the coolest PhD gifts ever for Ville Kotimäki: a thesis audiobook a.k.a. thesis granade. Pictures and technical details can be found from Janne’s blog:

Thesis audiobook aka. Thesis grenade

It’s a cylinder carved out of aluminium, it has engravings and one button. When pressed it speaks out the PhD thesis out loud. It was better to omit all equations from getting narrated, so it’s good to have also the original thesis available.

From time to time it just amazes to see how much free stuff there is available. The task of creating audio clips from thesis PDF was mostly chaining free stuff together with a BASH script.

Again, congratulations to Ville Kotimäki!