Course review: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux / PwK (OSCP)

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. You can find the course contents at the Offensive Security’s pages . Here’s my take on the course.

One could argue that you don’t need to spend money on a course since you can get the same information from the internet. Technically yes, but the learning experience is not the same. The reasons for that are: the lab, doing vs reading, the community+support and limited scope. Let’s go through them.

Lab: I can now join others in wishing I had still access to PwK labs. For the course machines, you don’t know if the target is easy or damn hard, if it is Windows, Linux or something different. This is something completely different than installing a vulnerable machine yourself and then trying to exploit the things you just put there.

Doing vs reading: Nodding as a sign of understanding and actually coming up to use learned information when the opportunity rises (if it rises) are different things. No surprises here.

Community+support: It’s nice to have something to avoid burning excessive amounts of time looking at wrong place.

Limited scope: On top of everything else, having a curated set of things means the scope is limited somehow. This leads to having sense of accomplishment after each challenge and after the 24 hour examination. This is generally not available from the internet as for each answer you get two new question marks or caveats.

A big shout out to my former employer Qvantel Finland for this opportunity.